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CareTec is a leading company in the production, development, and distribution of sophisticated talking and tactile high-tech products, as well as simple non-electronic life support devices. With a comprehensive distribution network on all continents, CareTec has gained recognition across Europe with distribution partners in almost every country. The company’s numerous national and international awards, including the “Louis Braille Prize” from the German Blind Association and the “Winston Gordon Award” from the Canadian Blind Association, which is considered the industry’s unofficial Nobel Prize, signifies its commitment to innovation. The company has demonstrated pioneering achievements in the field of sophisticated electronic products, exemplified in the color recognition and blood glucose devices. In addition, simple devices like the CashTest, a stencil used to measure and determine the value of banknotes, and the Draftsman, a drawing board for the blind, are used by over a million visually impaired people in many countries.

Dr Dietmar H Litschel
Dr. MBA. Dietmar Litschel owner

“On the occasion of our foundation in 1988, we brought a project dealing with novel keyboards, as well as writing, checking, and reading methods into our company, hereinafter referred to as “iDeell.” In the interest of the wholeness of our project, we also turned our attention to Braille products for the blind and started developing them. Although we were successful, we moved away from Braille and focused on creating self-explanatory products that customers who are blind could purchase without any training. We did this since we saw no congruence between Braille and our project “iDeell”. We are a medium-sized company in the market for blind people, belonging to the thirty or so companies that are active worldwide. Our extensive product diversity sets us apart from most of our competitors. We are continually developing new products and aiming to expand our relatively large distribution network.”


Winston Gordon Award
Winston Gordon

AWARD 1993

Louis Braille Preis

AWARD 1996



Merkur Award

AWARD 1993

Company Marland

The company Marland in Aulendorft (Baden-Württemberg), which was taken over by CareTec International GmbH in 2001, is mainly dedicated to end customers and sells various aids and everyday goods in Europe.



We have a large, comprehensive range of products, thanks in part to our parent company, CareTec International in Vienna, which focuses on the development of high-quality, innovative products and simple products for everyday use.

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