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Bild von sprechender Taschenuhr Zeitgeist 2

Zeitgeist 2

Talking pocket watch with many additional functions

The Zeitgeist 2 will inspire you, a talking watch with all kinds of additional functions at the latest state of the art. In a handy case with three buttons on the side, an easy-to-understand loudspeaker, long-lasting battery and even a display, the device weighs only 29 grams and fits easily in the palm of your hand. The Zeitgeist 2 can be worn around the neck with the included neck strap or carried as a space-saving pocket watch without the neck strap. During development, great importance was attached to ergonomics, both in terms of the exterior and the internal values. Acoustic communication takes place by means of natural voice output together with small musical sound snippets, called jingles. With the focus on blind users, Zeitgeist 2 can also support sighted people of all ages.

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Bild von Farberkennungsgerät Color Star

Color Star

Handy colour and light detection device

The Color Star is a substantially extended version of our renowned Colorino. It is smaller, lighter and easier to handle, has improved speech output and higher measurement accuracy. It recognizes up to 1000 color nuances, as well as patterns and contrasts, which it converts into musical tones. For the first time, it can even measure the colour and intensity of light, translucent material and LEDs.

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Bild von Ultraschall und Laser Warngerät  Independent


Triple safety with cane for the blind - laser and ultrasound

The Independent, the obstacle warning device is probably the smallest and lightest device equipped with an ultrasonic and a laser sensor. It can be attached to clothing with its itegrated clamp or the magnetic holder provided to detect obstacles in the area of the upper body and head. The danger is signalled by acoustic signals. The Independent can also be fixed to the cane with the cane holder to warn of obstacles. The Independent cannot be lost due to the practical lanyard

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Bild von Faltstock McCane


Canes for the blind

The Mc-Canes are the new high-quality canes for the blind from CareTec. They are made of special aluminium alloys used in the aircraft industry and are therefore light and thin-walled, yet very strong and resistant to bending. The connection between the segments is dirt-repellent due to the optimized conical shape. The hard anodised Teflon coating prevents freezing in winter.

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Bild von Küchen- und Diätwaage Vivienne


Kitchen and diet scales

This easy-to-use quality scale from CareTec has a natural voice output. Due to the precise measuring accuracy (weighing in gram steps up to a maximum capacity of 5 kg) it can also be used very well as a diet or letter scale! In addition to measuring accurately to the gram, adding weights and measuring by reference, the Vivienne can also determine the weight of liquids.

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Bild von Happyday


Personal scale with voice output

The scale impresses with its clear design, exceptionally high product safety and user-friendly operation. The base is made of special safety glass, which is painted anthracite on the underside and has a high-quality anti-slip coating on the top to ensure a secure stand even when your feet are wet. ('Weight watching' for up to 5 different people ) Functions

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Bild von Tape King

Tape King

Unique high-quality roller tape measure

The Tape King is a unique high quality roll tape measure that can measure in metric and Anglo-American units up to 5 meters / 16.40 feet.the Tape King has an extra large LCD display and excellent natural voice output. It is the only device of its kind on the market that is equipped with a spirit level and a clinometer.

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Bild von Platon


Scientific calculator

Plato is a scientific calculator for visually impaired people! The scientific calculator with a natural speech output combines scientific and financial mathematical functions in one handy device.

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Bild von Foxy Reader

Foxy Reader

Speaking reader of labels, tags and playing cards

This handy device makes it easier for blind and visually impaired people to find consumer goods and consumer durables or their packaging.

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