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Ray - Powered Mobility Guide

Ray as a very handy ultrasound orientation aid is a mobility aid which is a sensitive
addition of additional information to the cane for the blind which the cane does not reach.

Like the beam of a flashlight, the ultrasonic cone scans its surroundings and optionally reports
via acoustic signal or vibrations possible obstacles in any direction.

Despite its light weight and simple operation, Ray also enables light measurements by means of a light sensor


  • Switching between acoustic signal and vibration
  • Normal mode (object detection up to 2.85 meters)
  • Escape mode (object detection up to 1.7 meters)
  • Light measurement (e.g. to find an open door)
  • Teacher mode (with cable connection to student-ray)
  • Student mode (with cable connection to Teacher-Ray)
  • Signal Suppression Mode
  • Energy-saving through automatic switch-off
    after 60 seconds without object detection

Technical data

  • Size: 120 x 29 x 19 mm
  • Weight: 60 g
  • Power supply: 2 x 1.5V AAA
  • Output: acoustic or vibration (adjustable)