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Tape-Queen Braille Slate-Tape-Stylus

TapeQueen - the handy solution for quick manual marking of embossing tapes is as simple as it is ingenious!

The TapeQueen is approximately the size of a cassette case and offers eight writing fields. Thanks to an ingenious system, it is also possible to write longer words - of course with the same distance between the Braille characters (i.e. no "fragmentation effect")

With the TapeQueen you can also emboss larger individual tactile dots effortlessly - ideal for marking washing machines, microwaves and the like. A small cutting knife is also included in the scope of delivery. With a little practice and through a guide rail on the underside of the TapeQueen you can scratch the upper side of the embossing tape and leave the carrier foil intact - no more tedious peeling of the foil!

With the help of the Braille alphabet on the underside, sighted people can also write messages in Braille.

Technical Data

  • 8 writing fields
  • Dimensions: 123 x 54 x 30 mm (with embossing tape: 123 x 54 x 58 mm)

Scope of delivery

  • TapeQueen, cutting knife
  • 1 embossing tape
  • Operating instructions in black letters and on CD