Foxy Reader Set

Foxy Reader - Talking Reader of Labels, Tags and Playing Cards, MP3-Player and Recorder.

The latest High-Tech product for blind and visually impaired people by CareTec.

The Foxy Reader helps blind and visually impaired people to easily locate stored products and goods.

Foxy Labels and Foxy Tags

Attach a self-adhesive label or tag (for clothes) on your items and record their contents. The recorded names are automatically saved by the Foxy-Reader. The labels and tags are water-resistant and have tactile markings to be easily found with the fingers.

Foxy Cards

These playing cards are completely covered with small codes, which are invisible to the naked eye. But they can be identified by the Foxy Reader at any point on the cards and the information can be given to the player discretely via earphones. The cards can also be easily identified from the back when they are lying face down on the table. That allows blind people to play together with sighted friends.


Technical Specifications

Content delivery

1 Foxy-Reader, a microphone, 2 storage batteries 1,2V NiMH, 1 Mini-USB-cable, 1 charging cable, earphones, 1 lanyard, 240 tactile Foxy Labels (self-adhesive labels), 5 tactile Foxy Tags (waterproof labels for clothes), Foxy Card


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