Platon - Scientific Calculator

Platon the scientific calculator with integrated speech output offers all basic operations and also combines many academic and financial functions in one handy device. Apart from the possibility of calculating percentages, square roots and squaring the corners are also functions, logarithms (natural and common logarithm), and hyperbolic functions are available. Also compound interest, present value and annuity accounts are not a problem! By pressing a button you can change in a statistical mode that which opens up the calculation of arithmetic, geometric, square mean values and standard deviations.

Furthermore you can switch into the convert modus to attract physical units of measurement for volume, length, weight, temperature or currencies for a fast converting

The input is via the large, clearly arranged keys. The supplied values are displayed on the 10 digit display including a clear, natural language in 6 volumes. If required, a headset can be connected. The announcement of the calculation result can either be a whole number, or even in single digits. Date, time and even an alarm can be set.

Technical Details


Platon, 2 AAA batteries, printed manual and on CD


USER MANUAL:  click here