About Us

CareTec is an Austrian company founded in 1988 with its headquarter directly in the heart of Vienna. We develop and produce sophisticated electronic products as well as non-electronic technical aids of utmost practical value. Some of them have received highest international recognition!

  • Mercur 1990 - Innovationsaward of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce for the CashTest

  • Mercur 1993 - the Austrian Chamber of Commerce for the ColorTest - Talking Colordetector

  • Winston Gordon Award 1993 for the ColorTest (for the only European Company so far)

  • Mercur 1994 - the Austrian Chamber of Commerce for the Notaphon - Talking Organiser

  • Louis-Braille-Prize 1996 of the German Blind Association for ColorTest, CashTest and PipsiMed

  • Mercur 1999 - the Austrian Chamber of Commerce for the Gluki - Talking Bloodsugarmeter

  • Mercur 2002 - the Austrian Chamber of Commerce for the Euro-Cashtest

  • Mercur 2004 - the Austrian Chamber of Commerce for the Sherlock - talking Labelingsystem

Most of our products are available in more than 27 different languages and being sold through a network of distributors all over the world!

ISO Certificate

For the development, production, distribution and maintenance of medical products a certification according to the standards EN ISO 13485:2003 is mandatory.

Caretec has been certified by the Austrian Technical Inspection Authority (TÜV Austria), according to the requirements of the standards ISO 13485:2003. We are now fully licensed as  developer and producer according to EU Directive 98/79/EG for In-Vitro-Diagnostic.

In the course of this certification all our departments, relevant for the quality of the products have been inspected. It has been confirmed, that the products are being developed and produced in accordance with statutory provisions and EU Directives.